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Thanks for the positive feedback from my first post. Jez me on all fours lubricated my asshole and pushed two fingers into me slowly but forcefully spread my fingers deeper into my ass. After a while he stopped and said ' bitch ass Now I'm not fucking move. ' I was so excited, but the truth is a little scary. Jez smiled and showed me a great Buttplug much greater than had previously lived. I was used by many of my former love anal, but the plug was much bigger now, I was very scared. I took the top two inches of light, but as he pushed deeper he felt very tight and I was stretching for what I really thought I would explode. Although it hurts I really wanted to have everything he wants, and it was clear he had no intention of stopping until it was all in, so I had to rest, but God wanted to hurt a hell. Finally took everything with the help of a lubricant and keez much liked. Later I learned of the consequence is not happy with me, but more on that later. moving around the bed, removed the keez gag and gave me a kiss, a smile, as he was ' good girl I will enjoy my training as a fucking bitch,' I was so happy, happy that he has been really amazing, he said. My reward is to suck cock beautiful with my wrists keez still bound even though I was with Jez had to get my mouth as I held my head in his hands. I thought he would swallow his load for me, but he had other ideas and took his cock in my mouth, he moved behind me and remove the rear cap. keez It must seem like a good dog tied to a bed on all fours, my ass enormous, but I did not care he just wanted his cock inside me. Jez wasted no time and very violently pushed his cock in my ass, the plug had worked, and slid easily inside me to the hilt. This was not easy shit I nailed the focus on their own pleasure to fuck me as his toy and keez he was going to be amazing. I was in heaven nothing against cooperationLamp to anything. His energy was amazing, and my ass was a little below it, I was floating in a constant orgasm. That seemed like an eternity, I all sense of reason at this time lost the shit, but in the end was even bigger in me and with a loud groan filled me with a massive load of sperm. As for me I knew what to do and took it with gratitude in my mouth to clean our juices. Jez broke me and after a brief pause, he took me to the bathroom keez and made me kneel beside him and keep his cock while taking a pee when I asked then took his cock in my keez mouth and cleaned before returning to their bed. The rest of the night, presented Jez if he wanted more and hair between their descendants. When morning came and rested in his arms enveloped me and I knew it changed forever, and I wanted my true love submissive. To be continued....
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